【Yunnan Daily】China's Express Delivery Changed Cambodian Life

Xie Dan, 20 years old, she is from Battambang, Cambodia. And she is also a junior international student from JSVIAT. Because of COVID-19, she can not come back from Cambodia to China to continue her study, so she accepted an offer of employment from ZTO EXPRESS, now she is mainly responsible for translation and web development in ZTO EXPRESS.  I can practise Chinese language with my colleagues and accumulate working experience through my daily work. With more than half a years effort, Xie Dan s Chinese level and communicative skills achieved great progress. Meanwhile, she has already finished her graduation practice.

News Link:  https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Y4y0qUDH7yY6qr-TOYk0oA 

Translated by: Zhang Xiaobai

Source: Yunnan Daily   ( Journalist: Shen Yan )



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